Black Clover: How Strong Is Asta Devil? Asta's Demon Identity!!!

Without a doubt, Black Clover is one of the most prominent franchises out there. As we all know that Asta is the main protagonist of the series and possessing mysterious demonic powers, Fans are curious to know about Asta's Demon- How Strong Is Asta Devil? or what is Asta's Demon Identity? So, let's get started with today's main objective-

Please note that this post may contain spoilers from the upcoming chapters of Black Clover manga. So, if you are not into spoilers, we suggest you stop here.


One part is pretty sure that the creator- Yuki Tabata is having an ace which he is saving for a crucial moment- A real identity of Demon which resides in Asta. Or more details regarding the Demonic world, Strength of Asta's demon, and the most important how Asta is related to the Demonic world. In this post, we try to cover each and every topic related to Black Clover Demons or Asta's devil. So, let's start with the beginning-

How did Asta get Demon Powers?

According To Spoilerguy- It all began when each candidate got chosen by their respective grimoire. Yuno got 4-leaf which was pretty rare. And then Asta got chosen by unparalleled 5-leaf clover. Furthermore, it was revealed that the 5th leaf of clover defines Demon- “The three leaves of the clover represent faith, hope, and love. Within a fourth leaf dwells good luck. Within a fifth leaf… resides a demon”.

As we more dig for the information, we got some interesting details regarding the Black Clover: Demon/Devil- Anvil and Wevil.

Black Asta


In Black Clover Series- Anvil defines those demons who possess anti-magic. In normal words Anti-Magic devil.


In Black Clover Series- Wevil defines those demons who possess word-magic. In normal words word-Magic devil.

How Many Demons Are Their In Black Clover Series

As for now, there are only 4 demons they got introduced in Black Clover series so far-


Zagred was the first demon that got introduced in the series- Zagred the Wevil, Word Magic Devil. If you could remember, he was the main antagonist of elf arc. Zagred was the reason behind the Elf massacre. According to the series, the moment Zagred's heart got slashed by Asta- He saw Asta's devil. Asta's demon was calling him chief/senpai. SO, one part is pretty clear that Wevil and more ancient compare to Anvil.

Asta Devil Zagred

The Dark Triad

The Dark Triad is the antagonist of the current arc. This triad is consists of 3 members who possess demonic power. As of now, only two of them (Devil/Demon) are introduced-


Asta Magicula

Megicula is a high ranking devil of Black Clover series who serves Vanica. Besides this, The curse on Acier Silva and princess Lolopechka were granted upon them by the Devil, Megicula.


Asta Lucifero

Lucifero is a high ranking devil of Black Clover series who serves Dante. The true strength of Lucifero is yet to reveal. But one part is pretty sure that this Black Clover is the real deal to be handled by our heroes.

Now, from here, we are going to be talking about Asta Devil-

Asta Devil

Asta Devil

One thing is pretty clear that Asta's demon is super powerful. In the series, it was revealed that- Asta's Devil resides within Licht's former grimoire, which is currently Asta's grimoire. Furthermore, Asta's devil is the source of Anti-Magic (Anvil). As we mentioned above that Zagred is a wevil which means Asta's demon is way more advance then him. Furthermore, Considering how confident the demon is, it’s safer to assume that the demon is far more superior than the other ones that have been introduced in the Black Clover Series so far. Although nothing is revealed like- Name, true strength, or past about Asta's demon.

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